Welcome to Southern Hands!

6025 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN

Faith over Fear

With sheer determination and strong family values Southern Hands Homestyle Cooking has become the premium name for southern cooking in the Memphis area, winning Best Soul Food restaurant for the last 8 years in a row.

Their story is one of a single family unit of a mother, a father and their five children. Over the last 10 years they put their faith first over fear and are conquering the American Dream. They pulled together during the hardest of times and worked to build Southern Hands Homestyle Cooking. All the recipes were developed by their mother Betty Baskin. Betty was born to cook delicious meals made with love and care. Her secret was just a pinch to make it perfect. Betty taught all of her children to cook from scratch. There ae not short cuts to a perfectly prepared home style meal.

Those practices are still strong today. All the potatoes are  hand peeled, the turnip greens hand-picked and the corn bread from Momma's recipe book. Our food is fresh as a Sunday dinner at grandma's house We welcome your family to come join ours at any of our three locations. Share some love with us - Love of Food - Love of People - All under the Love of God.